Hempler’s Center Cut Bacon 20 oz (2 Pack)

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Hempler’s Center Cut Bacon…two 20 oz packs of this ultra premium European Brand cut bacon from Hempler’s. Our quality products have a heritage dating back to the early 1800’s at the Hempler’s family sausage kitchen in Borken, Germany.

We pride ourselves on producing to a recipe, not a least-cost formula, to ensure the integrity of our products. Our entire Hempler’s collection of smoked meats are gluten free and have no MSG addedand are made with care, from our family to yours, using the Hempler family tradition of slowly curing, cooking and smoking our meat naturally over hardwoods.  Give the European Style Center Cut Bacon a try today!

Hempler’s Center Cut Bacon is the star of the show – a high-quality product derived from specially selected pork bellies. This meticulously trimmed center cut offers a thick, meaty bite with just the right amount of fat for a crisp texture and a mouthwatering taste.
And the flavor? It’s injected with natural hardwood smoke. There’s no submerged-water curing that waters down the taste. Just pure, delicious bacon.

Cooking with Hempler’s Center Cut Bacon

Preheat your skillet over medium-high heat.
Add the bacon slices, careful not to overcrowd the skillet.
Cook the slices until they start to curl, then flip and brown the other side.
Remove the perfectly cooked bacon slices and drain on paper towels.

Bold, flavorful, and rich…that’s the Hempler’s essence captured perfectly in their Center Bacon.



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