Cacique Queso Blanco 5 Lb

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Cacique Queso Blanco…..Queso Blanco plays a major role in Mexico’s culinary heritage; this distinctive fresh cheese is a Mexican family tradition. Try a 5 lb loaf of this top rate queso blanco from Cacique!

Queso Blanco is not only rich in flavor, but it’s also rich in proteins and calcium. A single serving (28g) provides approximately 70 calories, making it a healthier option for your cheese cravings.

Using Cacique Queso Blanco in Recipes

Queso Blanco easily fits into a variety of recipes. In soups and stews, it adds texture without dissolving, creating slight creamy pockets that remain distinct. This makes it an excellent addition to a variety of dishes, from Mexican enchiladas to American home-style casseroles.
Here are a few recipe ideas:

  • Queso Blanco stuffed bell peppers: These peppers, stuffed with this cheese and your choice of meat, create a protein-packed meal.
  • Queso Blanco dip: Pair this easy-to-make dip with tortilla chips for a perfect appetizer.

Emerging from the Mexican food culture, the Cacique cheese brand is a renowned producer of authentic Hispanic cheeses. Originating his business in California, Gilbert de Cardenas aimed to bring the taste of Mexican culinary excellence to the world. The result is a century-old cheese making tradition encapsulated in every slice of their Queso Blanco.


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