El Mexicano Casero Queso Fresco 4 Lb

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El Mexicano Casero Queso Fresco…Queso Fresco plays a major role in Mexico’s culinary heritage; this distinctive fresh cheese is a Mexican family tradition. Historically every family ranch had its own recipe for the popular Mexican style “farmer’s cheese”. Try a 4 lb wheel of this top rate queso fresco from El Mexicano!

Our “flagship” Queso Fresco Casero is a soft, moist fresh cheese made in the traditional fashion with the highest quality natural ingredients, whole grade A milk and sea salt. Its creamy and semi salty taste is a fine complement to all authentic Mexican dishes.

Can be enjoyed crumbled, cubed or sliced to enhance the flavor in any recipe. Softens with heat but does not melt.

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Crumbled: The cheese can be added as delightful toppings on your favorite salad or nachos.
  2. Melted: Used in baking or cooking dishes like enchiladas, sprinkling on top is a game-changer!
  3. Sliced: Perfect for sandwiches or quesadillas for an added texture.

At El Mexicano, we believe in the greatness of simplicity. And El Mexicano Queso Fresco is a testament to that belief.
So why wait? Treat your taste buds to something special today. Try El Mexicano Casero Queso Fresco and bring home a piece of Mexico!


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