El Mexicano Oaxaca Cheese 5 Lb

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El Mexicano Oaxaca Cheese...Oaxaca El Mexicano our cheese is a soft cheese, creamy paste which gives its authentic Mexican flavor recipes. Each piece of Oaxaca cheese is manually twisted to produce its unique shape. The El Oaxaca cheese is ideal for synchronized quesadillas, fondue, enchiladas or as a delicious snack.

Oaxaca is a semi-soft, string-type cheese that is made with natural ingredients, part skimmed grade A milk and sea salt, which is braided and coiled in the most traditional fashion. It is rich and buttery with a slight tang in taste and melts beautifully, similar to “string cheese.” Can be grated, cubed, sliced and melted.

Best used in fondues, enchiladas, quesadillas and baked casseroles. Can also be enjoyed on its own with fresh fruit and crackers for a healthy snack or paired with a glass of wine.

How do I use El Mexicano Oaxaca Cheese in my Kitchen?

Adherence to the cooking instructions is the key to enjoying the full flavor of the Oaxaca cheese. Keep it refrigerated and before serving, allow some thawing. For a fresh salad, simply crumble it. To savor it in hot dishes, melt it on low heat to prevent over-cooking. Keep these simple steps in mind and you’ll be the master chef of your kitchen in no time!


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