Chorizo de San Manuel Beef Chorizo 12 Oz (4 Pack)

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Chorizo de San Manuel Beef Chorizo…Try a 4 pack of this delicious beef chorizo product from Chorizo s San Manuel. Guerra’s brand meat products are specially made for the Mexican consumers in Texas.

If you’ve never tried beef chorizo before, then place an order for our “Guerra’s Brand” Inc. beef option! Carefully packed with savory ingredients and succulent beef, you’ll be wanting more after each serving!

Chorizo de San Manuel Chorizo is an authentic, artisan-made sausage that honors the culinary traditions of Spain. Bursting with flavors of paprika and garlic, this robust, bold chorizo is crafted from quality beef. In this package, experience the unmistakable heat and savory flavors that San Manuel chorizo brings to your table. Perfect for cooking or simply enjoying as is.

Chorizo de San Manuel Beef Chorizo

The Beef Chorizo is unmatched to your regular ground meat. This famed Mexican sausage is meticulously crafted with high-quality beef, laced with a unique blend of spices.

Recipe Secret

But what makes this sausage a culinary masterpiece? The secret lies in its preparation. Ground beef is marinated with a plethora of spices, including chili peppers, cumin, and garlic, offering an exquisite blend of heat, aroma, and flavour.
What’s more, you ask? The beef chorizo is made without fillers, offering a pure meaty delight with every bite!


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