Peyton’s Beef Chorizo 8 Oz (6 Pack)

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Peyton’s Beef Chorizo…Try a 6 pack of this delicious beef chorizo product. Widely considered to be one of the best beef chorizo products available in the US.  This beef chorizo provides real Latin flavor and is perfect for any type of dish from breakfast to dinner.

Peyton’s Beef Chorizo Links give a spicy kick to your favorite meals. Packaged in convenient links, this beef chorizo offers a wide variety of easy meal options. Shred the packaged links for fun, tasty tacos, or dice the cooked links and add to shrimp and rice for a spicy gumbo dinner. The next time you need the perfect meal for game day, use this spicy sausage to take your tailgate chili to the next level.

Ingredients: Beef Salivary Glands, Lymph Nodes and Fat (Cheek/Tonque), Beef, Beef Tripe, Flavoring, Cereal Flours (Corn, Wheat, Oat, Rye, Rice), Salt, Dextrose, Contains 2% or Less of Water, Sodium Lactate, Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Nitrite, FD&C Red No. 40.

Review: Peytons chorizo is Best!!! Bring it to Colorado! Colorado has no problem bringing in Hatch Green Chile from New Mexico, they should also bring in the best chorizo as well. Peytons Chorizo is by far the best chorizo ever and I’ll continue taking an 8hr drive and buying it by the case back to Farmington NM.

Versatile Applications for Peyton’s Beef Chorizo

  1. Breakfast Delights: Start your day on a flavorful note by adding the Beef Chorizo to your breakfast. Whether you’re making a classic breakfast burrito, a delicious omelet, or a hearty hash, the rich and robust flavors of Peyton’s Beef Chorizo will take your morning meal to the next level.
  2. Savory Lunches: Spice up your lunchtime routine with the addition of Peyton’s. From adding it to homemade tacos, mixing it into a flavorful chili, or using it as a topping for a loaded baked potato, the possibilities are endless. The versatility of Peyton’s Beef Chorizo ensures that your midday meal will always be a satisfying and memorable experience.
  3. Dinner Delights: When it comes to dinner, Peyton’s Beef Chorizo truly shines. Whether you’re using it as a filling for enchiladas, incorporating it into a pasta dish, or creating a mouthwatering pizza topping, Peyton’s Beef Chorizo will bring depth and complexity to your evening meals. Its bold flavor profile adds a unique twist to your favorite recipes, ensuring that every bite is full of satisfaction.
Definitely give this amazing beef chorizo a try today!  You won’t be disappointed!


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