Chorizo de San Manuel Chorizo 12 Oz (4 Pack)

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Chorizo de San Manuel Chorizo…Try a 4 pack of this delicious pork chorizo product made in the great state of Texas. Guerra meat products are especially made for the Mexican consumers in the great state of Texas. Made with our craft – blend of spices and natural casing, our chorizo is the perfect topping or main entree. With a hearty portion of pork and a flavorful combination of ingredients, we know you’ll love this! Made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives for the best tasting Pork Chorizo you’ll ever find.

Revel in the robust taste of our Chorizo. This handcrafted chorizo has been perfected with a blend of zesty spices, setting a new standard for gourmet sausages. Experience the delectable, rich flavors of our Chorizo, designed to elevate your culinary fare with its unique flavor profile.

Chorizo de San Manuel Chorizo: A Taste of Mexico

Chorizo is a traditional Mexican sausage known for its distinct robust flavour. It gains its signature taste from the unique blend of spices and herbs, including a generous dose of chili, which gives it that tantalizing kick you’ll keep coming back for. Crafted carefully with expert techniques passed down over generations, this chorizo guarantees a feast for the senses.
Is quality guaranteed with Chorizo de San Manuel Chorizo?
Absolutely. Made from the finest cuts of pork, this chorizo underscores its mammoth culinary appeal with unbeatable quality. Plus, the meticulous process of preparation ensures that it’s nothing short of perfect.


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