Stiglmeier Blood & Tongue Sausage 16 Oz (4 Pack)

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Stiglmeier Blood & Tongue Sausage for all your culinary needs.  Try a 4 pack of this top rate Blood & Tongue Sausage from Illinois!  We make this German-style sausage similar in spice and texture to our Blood Sausage (Blutwurst), making it the perfect cold cut to top a slice of rye bread. This sausage comes fully cooked and ready to eat. We recommend serving it sliced thin as a cold cut and paired with our Bavarian-style mustard.

Ingredients: Pork Tongues (cured with Water, Salt, Sugar, Sodium Erythorbate, Dextrose, Sodium Nitrite), Pork Snouts, Pork Back Fat, Beef Blood, Pork, Water, Salt, Spices, Sugar, Garlic, Marjoram, Sodium Nitrite

The Stiglmeier Blood & Tongue Sausage stands apart from the crowd with its distinct texture and robust flavors. Each bite bursts with a combination of tender tongue and the depth of blood sausage, creating a symphony of tastes in your mouth. The natural casings ensure a satisfying snap when you bite into this exceptional sausage.

Curious about the opinions of those who have already experienced the Stiglmeier Blood & Tongue Sausage? Let’s take a look at some product reviews:

  1. “I’ve always been an adventurous eater, and the Stiglmeier exceeded my expectations. The blend of flavors is incredible, and the quality is unbeatable. Highly recommend!” – Emily S.
  2. “If you’re a fan of bold flavors, you must try the Stiglmeier Sausage. It’s unlike any other sausage I’ve had before, and it quickly became a favorite in our household!” – David M.

Stiglmeier Blood & Tongue Sausage truly offers an exclusive sausage experience that is worth trying. With its rich history, expertly crafted recipe, and glowing product reviews, it’s no wonder that this delicacy has gained a loyal following.


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