Stiglmeier Jaeger Sausage 16 Oz (4 Pack)

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Stiglmeier Jaeger Sausage for all your culinary needs.  Try a 4 pack of this top rate Jaeger Sausage product from Illinois! Our Jaeger Sausage is made from pork and veal that’s ground to have a slightly coarse texture, with a surprise addition of green peas for added taste and color.

Ingredients: Pork, Veal, Water, Peas, Salt, Spices, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Sugar, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate, Dextrose, Sodium Nitrite

If you’re a fan of flavorful sausages, then you’re in for a treat with Stiglmeier Jaeger Sausage. Made with the finest ingredients and expert craftsmanship, this German-style sausage is a staple in traditional recipes and a favorite among meat enthusiasts.

Stiglmeier Jaeger Style Sausage is the epitome of German-style sausage. Made with a carefully selected blend of pork, beef, and spices, each bite is bursting with a harmonious blend of savory flavors. The sausages are lovingly crafted using traditional methods, ensuring the perfect balance of texture and taste in every bite.
Each package of Stiglmeier Jaegers include premium-quality sausages, made using a secret family recipe that has been passed down through generations. The sausages have a rich, smoky flavor and a hearty texture that pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Whether grilled, pan-fried, or added to your favorite stew, Stiglmeier Jaegers bring a burst of authentic German flavor to your table.

Stiglmeier Jaeger Sausage is a carnivorous delight that brings the flavors of Germany straight to your plate. Crafted with expertise and using only the finest ingredients, it’s no wonder that this sausage has gained a dedicated fanbase.


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