Induveca Cooked Salami Snack Pack

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Induveca Cooked Salami…A pork and beef meat product of supreme quality, specially formulated for that distinguished taste Hispanics desire. Smoke flavor is added to enhance it’s taste. A new and improved packaging guarantees a longer shelf life. #1 selling Hispanic style salami in USA.

The Induveca family of brands has grown, thanks to our constant search to give the best to our people with product innovation and commitment to the quality of our brands.

Induveca Cooked Salami is a high-quality, flavorful treat that leaves no room for disappointment. Crafted from fine pork and skillfully produced to deliver a spectacular taste, its quality is unsurpassed — an embodiment of culinary expertise, authority, and trust.
Sharp in flavor, yet easy on the palate, it presents an offering for those with discerning tastes. From your everyday sandwich enhancer to the star ingredient in gourmet dishes – there’s always a place for Induveca Cooked Salami on your table.

Induveca Cooked Salami is pre-cooked, meaning it’s simple and easy to prepare. You can incorporate it into your cooking as is, or brown it slightly on a frying pan for an extra layer of flavor.
The beauty of this salami is its versatility. Feel free to slice it thin for your sandwiches, chop it up for your pasta or pizza, or even grill it whole for a hearty main course.
Pair it with cheese, fruits, or your favorite wine – the possibilities are endless!

A token of authority in the food industry, Induveca has been catering to our savory needs since 1968. Located in the Dominican Republic, Induveca has grown to become a renowned purveyor of high-quality meat products, including sausages, salami, hams, and more.

Induveca Cooked Salami is a gateway to unleashing your culinary creativity. Backed by a company that stands for quality and taste, this cooked salami is a delicious addition to any meal.


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