Seltzer’s Double Smoked Lebanon Bologna 12 Oz (4 Pack)

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Try this delicious Seltzer’s Double Smoked Lebanon Bologna. This old-fashioned sweet Lebanon Bologna is smoked for three days, cooled and re-smoked for an additional half day. This heavy smoking process has the traditional Seltzer’s spice blend, plus some added brown sugar to give your taste buds a delicious smoky, sweet treat.

Our Double Smoked Sweet Bologna is what some call the “candy” of Lebanon bologna. It was developed on our 100-year anniversary with some brown sugar to sweeten the spice blend. After our signature 3-day smoke in the smokehouse it’s cooled and smoked for an additional half day.

Looking for a way to spice things up with Seltzer’s Double Smoked Lebanon Bologna? The versatility of this deli meat allows it to be enjoyed in several ways. Pair it with crackers and cheese for a delightful appetizer. Savor it in between buttered slices of bread for a classic sandwich. You can also dice it and toss it into your salads or pasta for a smoky punch. Experiment, and let your creative gastronomy guide you.
So, ready to excite your palate with a slice of history and tradition? Seltzer’s Double Smoked Sweet Bologna awaits!

The double smoking process adds a layer of flavor density to the bologna, resulting in a robust, smoky, and rich flavor. This deep smoke infusion combined with a special blend of spice and seasoning gives Seltzer’s Double Smoked Lebanon Bologna its distinctive edge. Going once, going twice, and BOOM, you have double smoked bologna ready to tickle your taste buds.


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