Dodger Dogs 16 Oz (4 Pack)

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World Famous Dodger Dogs are now they’re available via Cantella’s… the recent licensed manufacturer.  This Wiener is now served in most stadiums in Southern California. Extra Long Pork Wiener.  Try four 16 oz packs of these great Dodger Dogs today!!

These high end frankfurters continue to be one of the best-selling concession items in professional sports and over 100,000 have been sold through the club’s first 13 home games.

The Impact of Dodger Dogs

Believe it or not, these wieners have quite the following. Linking arms with the passion for baseball, these delightful franks have indeed served as a unifying force among diverse fans. Consumed by millions each season, the Dodger Dog has become synonymous with the Dodger brand.

Sink your teeth into the authentic flavor of the ballpark with Cantella’s Franks. We’ve brought together aromatic smoky notes and premium meats for an excellent grilling experience. Designed for the hot dog connoisseur, each Dodger Dog promises a link to tradition and a memorable culinary encounter.

Dodger Dogs are more than just a culinary delight – they are a vital part of the Dodger’s baseball history and an undeniable element of the overall fan experience. So next time you’re catching a game at Dodger Stadium, why not go all nine yards, complete your experience with a Dodger Dog?


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