Deen Halal Turkey Franks 3 Lb

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Deen Halal Turkey Franks…Try a pack of these great turkey wieners from Deen Halal. A delicious real wood smoked alternative to traditional franks. Gluten Free and has 6 grams of Protein.  These turkey franks are produced in accordance with Islamic Law.

Deen Halal Turkey Franks: More Than Just a Frank

Deen Halal Turkey Wieners are not just another hotdog substitute, they’re a culinary adventure. But, what’s all the fuss about?

Quality Matters

Deen Halal is a trusted name when it comes to halal meat products. Meticulously utilizing black turkeys, Deen Halal’s franks are selected fresh, carefully curated, and cooked to perfection. The passion to maintain halal ethos symbolizes an uncompromised commitment to quality.

A Flavorful Experience

Every bite you take bursts with a balance of savory flavors, coupled with spices. The smoky hint enhances the meaty flavor, making it even more delectable. Isn’t it amazing how the tastiest of meals can make us feel right at home?

Nutritional Insight

Apart from the delightful taste, Deen Halal’s franks come with their portion of protein goodness. They contain minimal fat, making them a convenient choice for health-conscious individuals. Healthy and tasty? That’s a win-win!

Remember – when it comes to a delicious, healthier option for your cherished frank cravings, you can always trust Deen Halal Turkey Franks! Have you tried them yet?


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