Holmes Smokehouse Boudin 12 Oz (4 Pack)

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Holmes Smokehouse Boudin…A 4 pack of these great pecan smoked cajun style boudin Sausages from Holmes Smokehouse!! Our Cajun Boudin is made with the perfect blend of plump rice, Cajun spices, and lean pork. Our boudin boasts more pork than any brand on the market which gives our boudin a taste that stands above the rest.

Located deep in the heart of Texas, Holmes Smokehouse was founded in 1970 by Luvine Holmes. From a small meat locker in Rosenberg Texas, Luvine developed our award-winning sausage recipe.

What’s a dining table without a centerpiece dish that steals the limelight? With Holmes Boudin, such a dish is right at your fingertips!
Holmes Smokehouse, a long-standing custom smokehouse deep in the heart of Texas, has been performing meat magic since 1970. They’re trusted by many for their exceptional quality, flavour, and commitment towards creating authentic texan smoked products. With a straightforward motto – “Best damn smoked meats – EVER!”, this family-owned business consistently delivers on its promise.

How To Cook Holmes Smokehouse Boudin

Remove the outer packaging.

-Place the Boudin on a medium-hot grill or a pan.

-Heat each side for 2-3 minutes.
And voila! Your hot and tempting Holmes Boudin is ready to serve.

Holmes Smokehouse Boudin is more than just a culinary delight. It’s a bite into a rich cultural history, elevated by years of culinary tradition and expertise. So go on, give your taste buds the ride of a lifetime – embrace the Texan tradition today!


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