Gunnoe’s Country Sausage 16 Oz (4 Pack)

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Gunnoe’s Country Sausage… Try a 4 pack of this great real country pork sausage product from Gunnoe’s. Made with premium pork and a delicious blend of seasoning, Gunnoe’s is the best choice to enjoy with your family around the breakfast table.

Country Fresh From Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Gunnoe’s fresh sausage is so good because it is a family recipe that has spanned four generations. Gunnoe Sausage has been making fresh Country Sausage in Goode, VA since 1965.

Gunnoe’s Country Sausage: A Meaty Experience!

For those yet to indulge their taste buds in the tantalizing flavor of Gunnoe’s Sausage, here’s what you’re missing. This exquisite sausage offers a savory“taste of country” that’s hard to match. Brimming with farm-fresh quality, it’s everything an epicurean dreams of.

Cooking Instructions

Serving up a mouth-watering dish of Gunnoe’s couldn’t be easier! Have a pan? You’re halfway there.

  1. Thaw sausages, if frozen.
  2. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat.
  3. Add sausages and cook for 12-15 minutes, turning regularly for even browning.
    Ready for the taste explosion? Surely, Gunnoe’s Sausage isn’t just another sausage on the shelf. It’s an indulgence.

Behind so much deliciousness is the legacy of the Gunnoe family. For decades, they have been committed to producing top-quality meats. It all started in the heart of eastern West Virginia, and the rest is a flavorful history. Their commitment to quality makes Gunnoe’s Country Sausage truly irresistible to meat lovers. Don’t believe us? Try it, and you will know!


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