Hawaiian Brand Hot Portuguese Sausage 5 Oz (6 Pack)

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Hawaiian Brand Hot Portuguese Sausage…Try a 6 pack of this delicious Portuguese sausage product from Hawaiian Brand Sausage Company.  Great addition to any breakfast based meal, with eggs or all by themselves!

Hawaiian Brand Hot Portuguese Sausage

Let’s embark on a culinary tour that takes us to the heart of Hawaii’s food culture. The Hot Portuguese Sausage is synonymous with traditional Hawaiian brunches and luaus. Its dynamism allows it to taste just as stunning when used in popular local dishes such as hotpots and stews.
This unique sausage usually blends the earthy flavor of garlic with robust paprika and red pepper flakes, evoking an exotic, spicy adventure. But what sets it apart is the unique blend of local spices that confers upon it a uniquely Hawaiian aura.

Why Choose Hawaiian Brand?

There are quite a handful of companies offering Portuguese Sausage, but the Hawaiian Brand stands out like a flamingo in a swarm of pigeons. Why so? Well, it’s all about authenticity.
The Portuguese Sausage is made from high-grade pork and follows a traditional recipe that maintains a balance between the Portuguese original while adding a dash of Hawaiian gastronomy. The outcome? A sausage so hot, so flavorful, you’ll feel the Aloha spirit with every bite.

Cooking with Hawaiian Brand Hot Portuguese Sausage

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the application of this versatile sausage is broad. From adding a kick to a standard omelette or jazzing up a pizza with some extra spice, there is virtually no limit to its culinary potential.
So, how do you cook this zestful sausage? Simplicity is key. Pan fry it with some onions and bell peppers for a quick stir-fry or incorporate it into a hearty soup for a comforting dinner option.


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