Hawaiian Brand Portuguese Sausage 5 Oz (6 Pack)

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Hawaiian Brand Portuguese Sausage…Try a 6 pack of this delicious Mild Portuguese sausage product from Hawaiian Brand Sausage Company.  Great as part of your every day breakfast or thrown on the grill! Enjoy!

Mild Portuguese Sausage is seasoned with the flavors of the islands — paprika, onion and garlic. Just add to your favorite dish for a taste of Polynesian paradise.

A Hawaiian Portuguese Sausage, so delicious, you’ll want to order a second batch! Made with lean pork that is combined with our own special blend of spices. Great for cooking up all your favorite dishes. You don’t need another sausage – you need the best possible one! The long lasting flavor makes this sausage great for breakfast and lunch. Create mouthwatering sandwiches and more with this savory treat. Cook it up just like you want!

Hawaiian Brand Portuguese Sausage – A Taste Explosion!

Are you seeking a new flavor experience that will enhance your palatable adventures? Have you heard of Portuguese Sausage? Ever wondered what makes it so special? In this piece, we’ll walk you through why this delicious meat has become a beloved staple of Hawaiian cuisine.

The Intriguing Origins

The journey of the Portuguese Sausage dates back to the sugar plantation era on the Hawaiian islands. Portuguese immigrants introduced their distinctive diet, which was quickly adopted and enhanced by the locals. These Portuguese flavors melded perfectly with the existing Hawaiian traditions creating a divine blend, which is nothing but a pure flavor explosion for the palate.

So, What’s in This Hawaiian Brand Portuguese Sausage?

You might ask, “What sets this Portuguese Sausage apart from others?” The answer lies in its exceptional blend of seasonings and ingredients. The sausage – made primarily of pork – incorporates chili pepper, vinegar, and garlic, producing a unique balance of spiciness, sourness, and savor. This distinctive taste makes it a breakfast favorite in Hawaiian households.

How is it Cooked?

Cooking a Hawaiian Brand Portuguese Sausage is as simple as it gets. First, you’ll need to lightly brown the sausage in a pan. Then, cut it into bite-sized pieces for serving. Some Hawaiian locals love adding it to soups, stews, or even making fried rice with it. The traditional way? Serve it with a side of eggs and rice!


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