Bar M Beef Mild Links 32 Oz (2 Pack)

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Bar M Beef Mild Links Sausage…Try a 2 pack of these beef mild links smoked sausage from Bar M!! Put some bite in your day with our all Beef Smoked Hot and Mild Sausages. Sealed in a natural casing and carefully blended with savory spices, these sausages offer a meal solution for those who prefer an all beef product.

Bar-M Meat Company, a traditional family owned and operated business, produces only the highest quality, U.S.D.A. inspected meats.  All of our products are carefully prepared using old fashioned cookery and a time-honored tradition of pride. All Bar-M products are Gluten and MSG-free.

And if you’re into the bacon based products…All Bar-M bacon is made from preferred and carefully selected center cut pork bellies. Pride in preparation is also a part of our tradition. Old World recipes combined with our Double Hickory Smoking process gives our Gluten and MSG-free Ultra-Lean Bacon products the rich flavor and melt in your mouth tenderness consumers’ demand.

The family-owned Bar-M Meat Company is renowned for its high-quality meats created using conventional techniques. We take great care in preparation, utilizing time-honored cooking methods that reflect our tradition of pride. We guarantee that each product from Bar-M is Gluten and MSG free.

Remaining true to our pledge of offering a diverse range of products while maintaining exemplary quality, we guarantee customer satisfaction.


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