Eckrich Beef Polska Kielbasa 10 Oz (4 Pack)

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Eckrich Beef Polska Kielbasa for all your grilling needs.  Try four 10 oz packs of this great beef kielbasa sausage product from Eckrich! Eckrich Smoked Sausage is Naturally Hardwood Smoked and crafted with just the right blend of spices for a truly rich, savory taste. They taste great all by themselves, or in any recipe you can dream up.

Eckrich Smoked Beef Polish kielbasa sausage is made without a casing, which gives it a tender texture that’s convenient for everyday recipes.

From hearty stews to pasta dishes, from BBQs to pizza toppings, the culinary applications of Eckrich Beef Polska Sausage are as endless as your imagination. You decide how you want to savor this delightful ingredient.
Trying new recipes? Don’t forget to incorporate Eckrich Kielbasa into your dishes for that added layer of flavor. The satisfaction that comes with every bite is inexplicable. You have to taste it to believe it!

Eckrich Polska Kielbasa emanates a genuine taste that invites you to experience a traditional Eastern European delight. Eckrich Beef Polska Kielbasa is low in carbs, hence keto-friendly! It’s an excellent protein source for those who are maintaining a balanced diet. Try a 4 pack of this great kielbasa today!


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