Blue Ribbon Spicy Sausage 32 Oz (2 Pack)

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Blue Ribbon Spicy Sausage…two 32 oz packs of this great hot & spicy smoked sausage from Blue Ribbon! Where there’s smoke there’s fire when you bite into this perfectly spiced kicker of a sausage. Blue Ribbon sausage and bacon products have been a part of Texan gatherings since 1946 when the first Blue Ribbon sausage processing plant opened on Cullen Street in Houston, Texas.  Blue Ribbon Hot Sausage

The Secret Behind The Taste

Why is the Blue Ribbon sausage so flavorful, you wonder? It’s the careful selection of premium pork, meticulously hand-trimmed by their seasoned butchers.
Moreover, a generational secret spice blend gets dutifully incorporated in every batch. This intricate marriage of spice and meat under controlled temperatures is what makes this sausage an irresistible delicacy.

Embracing Modernity, Preserving Legacy

Despite the evolution of the meat industry, the brand has wisely struck a balance between modernity and tradition. They have embraced technology while staying rooted in their century-old recipes and methods of preparation.

Blue Ribbon is not just about hot smoked sausage; it’s about creating moments, nourishing experiences. It’s about reliving traditions, rejoicing in authenticity, and reveling in sterling savors. Make the Blue Ribbon spicy sausage a part of your menu, and you’ll never look back!


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