Blue Ribbon Summer Sausage 16 Oz (4 Pack)

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Blue Ribbon Summer Sausage ….for all your summer BBQs or events. Try a 4 pack of this great summer sausage from Blue Ribbon. Our Summer Sausage is slow smoked, with natural hardwoods and crafted with only the finest ingredients and premium cuts of meat. Enjoy the irresistible authentic Texas taste of Blue Ribbon. A truly Texan flavor. Slow-smoked over natural hardwoods, with the finest blend of ingredients and selection of meats.  Blue Ribbon is the preferred sausage and bacon of the Houston Texans. Shipped direct from Texas

A delicate hint of spice, a robust burst of flavor, and that satisfying bite — it’s no wonder why the Blue Ribbon Sausage is a favorite among meat connoisseurs and casual snackers alike.

Picking the right summer sausage can be a challenge, with many options to choose from. So, when should you choose the Blue Ribbon?

  • Hosting a summer BBQ? Make the guests ooh and aah with the smoky, meaty goodness of the Blue Ribbon.
  • Need something for a road trip snack? Pack up some Blue Ribbon, and you’ve got hearty bites that fit right in any cooler or picnic basket.
  • Searching for a gourmet gift? A pack of this Summer Sausage spells elegance wrapped in simplicity.
    Having this on your menu is bound to turn heads and tickle taste buds, promising a sausage experience that’s a cut above the rest!

When you are planning a summer BBQ, the Blue Ribbon Summer Sausage stands as a truly versatile and unbeatable choice.


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