Double D Mild Hickory Sausage 48 Oz

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Double D Mild Hickory Sausage….A 48 oz pack of these great mild hickory Smoked Sausages from DD Ranch!!

DD Ranch Smoked sausage started off as a by-product from butchering hogs, but quickly became very popular as well. Within a few years, word of Double D Sausage spread and people all over the state of Louisiana began asking for it.

DD Ranch Mission: Simple…Consistency. Double D Meat Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers with the finest quality smoked sausage and meat products they have come to expect. We are committed to our standards for producing a wholesome product for this generation and those to follow.

The Expertise Behind Double D Mild Hickory Sausage

Double D’s expertise in crafting mouth-watering sausages is beyond compare. Their secret rests on the perfect balance of flavors, where each element complements and enhances the other, rather than overpowering.
Curious about how they achieve this expert flavor balance?
They make use of carefully controlled hickory smoke. Stunning, isn’t it? This technique imbues each sausage with a deep, smoky flavor without compromising the meat’s natural characteristics, creating a sausage that tastes as hearty as it sounds.

Wondering if Double D is worth the hype? Why not indulge in a Double D Hickory Sausage and experience the culinary magic for yourself?


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