Case Brand Pork Roll 3 Lb

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Case Brand Pork Roll  ……Try a 3 lb pack of this top rate pork roll product by Case. Great for breakfast or as a sandwich meat!  Pork roll from Trenton New Jersey!

For a country that’s been building pork roll sandwiches since 1890, it’s no surprise that Case Pork Roll is one of the best you can find. It takes pork, black pepper, salt and garlic, and then covers it in a delicious natural casing.

The Famed Case Brand Pork Roll

Where does the allure of the Case Brand Pork Roll lay? Its unique taste? The method of preparation? Or its legacy? This flavorful meat roll is a beautifully packaged experience rooted in America’s early days, making it an emblem of a shared gastronomic culture.

Heritage and Legacy

For starters, the Case Brand’s story is ingrained deeply in American history. Established around the civil war period by George Washington Case, a farmer and butcher from Belle Mead, New Jersey, the brand has been part of the American food scene for over a century. Isn’t history something that lends any culinary endeavor an air of authenticity?

Unique Preparations

The Case Brand Pork Roll stands out not just due to its ancestral origins, but also through its distinct method of preparation. Made with the finest quality pork and a secret recipe of spices, this treasured roll is smoked in cotton bags, which imparts its signature flavored-smoke richness. Don’t you just love a dish that carries a secret ingredient?

Variety of Servings

Need another reason to fall in love with Case Brand Pork Roll? The variety of servicing offers a whole other level of versatility. It’s great for breakfast, grilled for lunch, or even scrambling in with your favorite dinner recipes. How’s that for adaptability?




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