Habbersett Pork Scrapple 1 Lb (6 Pack)

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Habbersett Pork Scrapple….Try six 1 pound blocks of Philly’s favorite scrapple from Habbersett! Habbersett has been a Philadelphia Favorite since 1863.

Through the years, this pork scrapple has been cooked in cast iron kettles for an old fashioned flavor that has made Habbersett famous!  Scrapple also goes great with a side of taylor pork roll and eggs!

Truly a classic Philadelphia tradition for all your breakfast based recipes!!

Ingredients: Pork Stock, Pork, Pork Skins, Corn Meal, Wheat Flour, Pork Hearts, Pork Livers, Pork Tongues, Salt and Spices

Who said breakfast should be all about eggs and pancakes? If you’re longing for some variety, why not consider scrapple? Crisp-brown seared slices of Habbersett Pork Scrapple are a divine breakfast delight. They pair well with everything from eggs to French toast, promising a great start to any day. Is there a better way to add a tasty twist to your mornings?

What is Habbersett Pork Scrapple?

Imagine sitting on a cold winter morning, with a cup of hot coffee in your hand and a plate of Habbersett Scrapple, crispy on the outside, tender within, and flavored to perfection. Having originated in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, Habbersett Scrapple delivers a unique taste that’s hard to forget.
Habbersett Scrapple is a product of the Habbersett Company, renowned for its belief in the tradition of ‘slow food.’ Established in 1863, the organization takes pride in producing food the old-fashioned way, thus capturing the authentic taste home-cooked meals are loved for.

Why Should You Try Habbersett?

Still not convinced to give Habbersett Pork Scrapple a try? Here are a few reasons why you should indulge in this delectable dish:

  1. Rich Flavor: Habbersett Pork Scrapple offers a unique combination of savory pork, spices, and cornmeal that creates a rich and satisfying flavor profile. It’s a true comfort food that will leave you craving more.
  2. Versatile: While scrapple is traditionally enjoyed for breakfast, it can also be incorporated into other meals. Use it as a savory side to accompany your main dishes or add it as an ingredient in sandwiches and burgers for an extra burst of flavor.
  3. Easy to Make: With just a few simple ingredients and straightforward instructions, Habbersett Pork Scrapple is a recipe that anyone can tackle. Even beginner cooks can impress their family and friends with this delicious dish.

Tips for a Perfect Habbersett Pork Scrapple

  • For a smoky flavor, you can add a pinch of smoked paprika or liquid smoke to the batter mixture.
  • If you prefer a spicier scrapple, add a dash of cayenne pepper or hot sauce to the batter.
  • To prevent the scrapple from sticking to the pan while frying, make sure to use enough oil and allow it to heat properly before adding the slices.
  • Leftover scrapple can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Simply reheat the slices in a skillet or toaster oven before serving.

Do yourself a favor and try this amazing Habbersett Pork Scrapple with your next breakfast!!



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