Cacique Oaxaca Cheese 5 Lb

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Cacique Oaxaca Cheese…..Oaxaca cheese plays a major role in Mexico’s culinary heritage; this distinctive fresh cheese is a Mexican family tradition. Try a 5 lb wheel of this top rate oaxaca from Cacique!

Best used in fondues, enchiladas, quesadillas and baked casseroles. Can also be enjoyed on its own with fresh fruit and crackers for a healthy snack or paired with a glass of wine.  Like Mozzarella, Oaxaca is traditionally dipped into salt water at the end of the process to form a thin rind. Cacique’s Oaxaca cheese is made in a long rope then wound into a knot, in keeping with tradition.

What is Cacique Oaxaca Cheese?

Oaxaca Cheese is a type of Mexican cheese that boasts a long-standing reputation for its string-cheese texture and buttery flavor. Named after the region of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, it is traditional in Oaxacan cuisine and has gained popularity worldwide for its versatility.

So what is the secret behind the distinctive taste and texture of Cacique Oaxaca Cheese?

  1. Texture – It is semi-soft, chewy, and stringy, ideal for melting or pulling apart.
  2. Flavor – It has a mild, milky, and slightly salty taste, suitable for a variety of dishes.
  3. Use – It is perfect for quesadillas, enchiladas, and many other Mexican dishes.

The versatility of Oaxaca Cheese make it a culinary gem. It goes beyond a mere ingredient–it’s a celebration of culture, tradition, and flavor!
So the next time you reach for Cacique Oaxaca Cheese at the grocery store, remember the rich history and expertise behind every bite. Who knows? It just might inspire your next culinary masterpiece!


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