Earl Campbell’s Summer Sausage 12 Oz (4 Pack)

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Earl Campbell’s Summer Sausage….for all your summer BBQs or parties. Try a 4 pack of this great summer sausage from Earl.  Direct from Texas!

Named after the iconic American football player, Earl Campbell’s Summer Sausage is a unique blend of classic, smoked sausage with a twist of secret spices, making it an irresistible addition to your summer menu.
This tantalizing offering blends together prime cuts of meat with a mix of perfectly balanced seasonings. Slow-cooked and hardwood-smoked for that authentic old-world flavor, the Summer Sausage carries the distinct taste of traditional American barbeques. Sounds “as yummy as a slice of pie”, doesn’t it?
But why ‘summer sausage’, you ask? Well, it’s named as such because while it’s made in winter, it’s developed to be eaten in the summer! It’s a nifty bit of food origin that adds to its charm.

Earl Campbell’s Sausage offers numerous compelling reasons that make it a “must-try” delicacy:

  • Satisfying Taste: The distinct taste of Earl Campbell’s Summer Sausage “hits the spot”, satisfying even the pickiest of palates.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: The sausage is made from carefully chosen, top-quality ingredients, including prime cuts of meat and a unique blend of spices.

Whether it’s grilling season or you’re looking for something extra for your cheeseboard, this sausage serves the purpose brilliantly.


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