Habbersett Sliced Braunschweiger Liverwurst 8 Oz (4 Pack)

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Habbersett Sliced Braunschweiger Liverwurst…try this great sliced liverwurst product from Habbersett! Served in many deli and food establishments across the country!

Habbersett’s Sliced Liverwurst is made with our traditional recipe, premium cuts of pork and classically cured bacon.

Ingredients: Pork Livers, Pork, Bacon (cured with water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, sodium ascorbate and/or sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite), potassium lacate, water, salt, spices, dehydrated onions, sodium diacetate, sodium ascorbate, sugar, sodium nitrite.

Habbersett Sliced Liverwurst is a ready-to-eat lunch meat, made from pork liver and seasoned with a special blend of spices that deliver a mouthwatering flavor. It’s excellent for sandwiches or even as a pizza topping.

Cooking Instructions for Habbersett Sliced Braunschweiger Liverwurst
  1. Open the package.
  2. Remove the desired number of slices.
  3. Arrange the slices on bread or cracker for a sandwich or appetizer.
    And voila, your tasty snack is ready!

Habbersett is a trusted manufacturer of premium deli meats, offering culinary delights since its inception. They believe in quality and taste above anything else, providing flavorful and nutritious products to their customers. The Habbersett Sliced Liverwurst is one such example of their dedication to creating fine food. So, are you tucking into your liverwurst sandwich yet?

Whether you’re making sandwiches for lunch or appies for your evening wine affair, Habbersett Sliced Braunschweiger Liverwurst will surely level up your kitchen game.


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