Hillshire Farm Andouille Sausage 12 Oz (4 Pack)

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Hillshire Farm Andouille Sausage for all your grilling needs!  A 4 pack of these great Cajun Style Andouille Smoked Links from Hillshire Farm!!  Made with quality cuts of meat, taste the rich flavors packed with Cajun-style spice.

In 1934, our founder, Fritz Bernegger, started the Hillshire Farm brand with a dream to deliver only the best to his customers – the best cuts of meat from the best farms with the best practices.

Looking for a stellar sausage that’s everything about flavor and simplicity? Enter Hillshire Farm Andouille on the scene. Starting as a small family farm, Hillshire Farm has blossomed into an assured symbol of quality meat products. Their Andouille Sausage offers a taste that’s above and beyond just your average sausage.

Cooking Hillshire Farm Andouille Sausage

Just heat up some oil in a skillet over medium heat, add in your sausage and sear it evenly on both sides. Looking to go Cajun? Simmer it in gumbo or add it to your traditional jambalaya. Or perhaps you’d like it grilled, nestled in crispy buns with mustard and relish. The possibilities are limitless. But one thing is certain – every dish will be a taste sensation.

Hillshire Farm Andouille Sausage goes beyond just being a sausage – it encapsulates experiences and stories, all sewn together by expert care, promising to bring taste and quality to your plate.


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