Earl Campbell’s Original Smoked Sausage 13 Oz (4 Pack)

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Earl Campbell’s Original Smoked Sausage…four 13 oz packs of this great smoked sausage product from Earl Campbell! For over 18 years, Earl Campbell Meat Products has stood for the very best in quality sausage products for the retail and food service sector. Its unique, Original Texas flavor delivers on every mouthwatering bite, with just the right amount of spice.

Experience Earl Campbell’s Original Smoked Sausage

Tradition and delectable distinctiveness are the highlighting factors behind Earl Campbell’s Original Sausage. This culinary jewel is so adored that sausage lovers across the globe hail it as a classic choice. What makes it so special though?
Unique Taste Journey:
This isn’t just any sausage; it’s a treasure trove of unprecedented taste. The smoky, slightly spiced flavor is just the tip of the iceberg. You get to experience a perfect harmony between smoky intensity, meaty succulence, and subtle spicy notes. Is it starting to water your mouth already?
The Art of Sausage Making:
One may ask, what’s behind the making of Earl Campbell’s Sausage? It’s a meticulous blend of quality ingredients, experienced craftsmanship, and slow smoking. Earl Campbell’s maintains a high standard of quality control during the production, which ensures a consistent taste in every bite.


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