Farmer John Smoked Sausage Links 14 Oz (4 Pack)

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Farmer John Smoked Sausage Links…A 4 pack of these great Smoked Sausage Links from Farmer John!!  Farmer John Sausage Links

Farmer John’s Smoked Sausages are a treat to your taste buds. They offer a gourmet experience, right in your kitchen. Made with top-class meat and simmered in a mix of herbs and spices, this smoked sausage delivers an unmatched, distinct flavor, making it a much-loved delicacy among many.

Cooking Instructions:

Cooking Farmer John Sausage is simple, even for those novice hands in the kitchen! Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Piercing the Sausage: Use a sharp knife to make tiny incisions on the sausage. This aids in even cooking without the sausage bursting.
  2. Grilling or Pan-Frying: Either grill the sausage on medium heat for about 15 minutes or pan-fry it on medium for 8-10 minutes. Ensure to turn it frequently for a consistently cooked taste.
  3. When it’s Cooked: When the sausage turns golden brown and the juices run clear, it’s ready to serve.
    Remember, the key to a beautifully cooked Farmer John Sausage is patience. Can’t wait to try cooking this, right?

If it’s a weekend BBQ…..Farmer John Smoked Sausage always steals the show. Grab a 4 pack of this amazing smoked sausage today!


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