Cibao Longaniza Sausage 22.4 Oz (2 Pack)

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Cibao Longaniza…Try a 2 pack of this delicious longaniza product. Our Spanish style sausage, Longaniza, is made with 100% pork with no soybean products. This product comes in a vacuum pack retail size, and bulk pack packages. In 1969, a visionary man named Siegfried Vieluf created Cima Meat Products, a company that manufactured sausages. The company later changed its name to Cibao Meat Products.

Have you ever tasted a Cibao Longaniza? The sensations this unique delicacy from the Dominican Republic brings cannot be overstated. Succulent and flavorful, a proper Longaniza revs up your tastebuds in a symphony of delectable sensations.

What is Cibao Longaniza?

Longaniza is a special kind of sausage that finds its roots in a region of the Dominican Republic. Crafted with an array of spices and the choicest cuts of pork, this is no ordinary sausage. It’s a culinary delight that packs a punch with every bite!

  • Flavor: A rich, hearty taste.
  • Texture: Juicy and tender.
  • Ingredients: Quality pork, array of spices.

How can you distinguish between a genuine Cibao and a run-of-the-mill sausage? Well, you can trust the expertise of native chefs and local vendors. The distinct taste, texture, and aroma are unparalleled, making it easy for food enthusiasts to recognize the authenticity of a real Cibao Longaniza.




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