Keoki’s Kalua Pork 24 Oz (2 Pack)

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Try a 2 pack of this delicious Keoki’s Kalua Pork product from Hawaii. This Kalua Pork is an island favorite that can be prepared and enjoyed in many ways.  Tender, juicy chunks of pulled pork prepared Hawaiian style with a hint of smoke flavor.

Inspired by our Hawaiian heritage, Keoki’s Hawaiian Style Pork is made with an authentic recipe of pork and seasonings in a rich, fragrant liquid smoke. Perfect for grilling or adding to your favorite recipes.

Marinated in our secret Hawaiian spices and slow cooked in an imu pit. Serve the delicious meat over rice with some fresh pineapple chunks.

Among the various dishes that grace our tables, Keoki’s Kalua Pork stands out with its distinctive flavor and easy-to-follow cooking instructions.

Cooking Instructions for Keoki’s Kalua Pork

Everything begins with the right ingredients and procedures. Your responsibility? Simply follow these steps to achieve delicious Kalua Pork at home:

  1. Acquire a medium-sized pork shoulder and Hawaiian sea salt.
  2. Slow-cook the pork in a covered pot, sprinkled with sea salt, over low heat.
  3. Shred the cooked pork and mix with braised cabbage.

Keoki’s Pork is a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy with an exquisite blend of saltiness and porcine richness. Its similarity to a slow-roasted, barbecued pulled pork gathers food enthusiasts from all over, making it a popular choice for family gatherings and party menus. With Keoki’s, cooking at home is not a task, but a joy!

Keoki’s Kalua Pork – don’t just cook, create unforgettable dining experiences!



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