Kirby and Holloway Pork Scrapple 16 Oz (4 Pack)

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Kirby and Holloway Pork Scrapple…Try a 4 pack of this delicious 16 ounce scrapple product from Kirby & Holloway of Harrington Delaware.  Kirby & Holloway  for all your breakfast needs! No preservatives or MSG added.

Ingredients: pork stock, pork liver, pork fat , wheat flour, corn meal, pork skins, pork hearts, salt, sugar and spices.

Reviews via Google

Ashley I: Love supporting a small local family run business. I’ve never had a bad experience, everything is excellent.

JT Lowe: Best scrapple

Dan S: I am in my seventies and have eaten Kirby & Holloway “sage rope” sausage since I was a kid. Absolutely the best breakfast sausage on the planet. Their scrapple is also excellent, just a touch sweeter than most of the other brands. But that sausage – give it to me for Christmas every year.

Kirby & Holloway delivers authenticity to your dining table with their scrumptious pork scrapple. But what is this delicacy? The pork scrapple, a recipe native to the Mid-Atlantic states, is primarily composed of minced pork trimmings, cornmeal, flour, and spices, combined to create a flavorful loaf. With its unique texture and robust flavor, Kirby & Holloway’s pork scrapple does an excellent job bringing an old-time favorite straight to your kitchen.

How to Cook Kirby & Holloway Pork Scrapple?

Cooking this savoury dish doesn’t require you to be a gourmet chef—isn’t that a relief? Here is a simple guide:

  1. Slice the scrapple to the desired thickness.
  2. Heat a skillet or grill on medium heat.
  3. Cook each side until it turns brown or crispy based on your preference.
  4. Serve hot, and enjoy the succulent Kirby & Holloway Scrapple.

Providing a nutritious and delicious meal to your family couldn’t be easier with Kirby & Holloway Pork Scrapple. With its enticing taste and straightforward cooking instructions, it’s undoubtedly a dish that embodies tradition, quality, and a heartwarming dining experience



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