Leidy’s Scrapple 1 Lb (6 Pack)

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Try a 6 pack of this top rate  pork based scrapple from Leidy’s today! This scrapple product is from the Leidy’s specialty line….Signature Recipe.  Leidy’s Premium Meats is proud to partner with local independently owned family farmers in the Philadelphia region.  Highly regarded as one of the very best scrapple products in the Philadelphia region!!

Since 1893, Leidy has been providing delicious, natural pork to discerning meat purveyors, creative chefs, seasoned pit masters and conscientious consumers who demand the best quality.

What is Leidy’s Scrapple?

Simply put, this Scrapple is a versatile breakfast meat prepared from cornmeal and seasoned pork. It’s a particular favorite in the Pennsylvania area. How is it eaten? Typically sliced and pan-fried until crispy, then served with a side of eggs or maple syrup.

A Culinary Tradition Handed Down Through Generations

The love of this scrapple is a tradition that runs deep in culinary history. This love affair with scrapple began when frugal cooks in colonial America needed a way to utilize every part of the pig. They found that they could combine spices, cornmeal, and leftover pieces of pork to create this delicious breakfast staple.

What Makes Leidy’s Scrapple Stand Apart?

What separates this scrapple from other types of meat? It boils down to the unique blend of spices and quality of pork used. Additionally, Leidy’s ensures freshness by flash-freezing their scrapple before it hits the markets.


  1. How should I serve Leidy’s scrapple?
    Leidy’s scrapple is best served hot with a side of eggs and toast. It pairs perfectly with maple syrup or apple butter for a touch of sweetness. You can also enjoy it in a breakfast sandwich or as a delicious addition to a brunch spread.
  2. Can I freeze Leidy’s?
    Yes, you can freeze the cooked scrapple slices for later use. Wrap them individually in plastic wrap or place wax paper between each slice to prevent sticking. When ready to enjoy, simply thaw and reheat in a skillet over medium heat.

Preparation and Serving Suggestions

Preparing Leidy’s Scrapple is quick and easy, making it a convenient choice for busy mornings. Simply follow the recipe mentioned above and savor the flavors in no time. To enhance your breakfast experience, here are a few serving suggestions:

  1. Classic Breakfast: Serve Leidy’s Scrapple alongside scrambled eggs, toast, and a side of fruit for a traditional and fulfilling breakfast.
  2. Breakfast Sandwich: Layer a crispy Leidy’s Scrapple slice with a fried egg, cheese, and your favorite condiments between a toasted English muffin for a flavorful breakfast sandwich.
  3. Sweet and Savory: For a unique twist, drizzle maple syrup over a warm Leidy’s Scrapple slice and serve it with a side of fluffy pancakes or waffles.


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