RAPA Hot n Spicy Scrapple 16 Oz (6 Pack)

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RAPA Hot n Spicy Scrapple …Looking to spice things up? Our Hot ‘N Spicy recipe combines our original scrapple recipe with a kick of smoked jalapeños. The hot and spicy result is perfect on its own or in a sandwich. It is cooked in cast iron kettles for the old-fashioned flavor that made RAPA famous! Six 16 ounce packages of this top rate hot n spicy scrapple from RAPA.

The RAPA Spicy Scrapple is a scrumptious twist on the classic breakfast favorite. Crafted from a blend of high-quality pork parts, cornmeal, flour, and savory spices, this scrapple variant takes the traditional scrapple recipe up a notch by adding a zesty kick of spiciness.
At RAPA, they understand that some people like to start their day with an extra burst of flavor. The Hot n Spicy Scrapple perfectly balances the rich and savory taste of scrapple with the heat of carefully selected spices. It’s an explosion of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

The RAPA Hot n Spicy Scrapple Recipe


  • 1 pound of RAPA Hot n Spicy Scrapple
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • 4 eggs
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Hot sauce (optional)
  • Maple syrup (optional)


  1. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and add the vegetable oil.
  2. Slice the Hot n Spicy Scrapple into 1/4-inch thick slices.
  3. Place the scrapple slices in the skillet and cook for about 3-4 minutes on each side, or until golden brown and crispy.
  4. While the scrapple is cooking, crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk them together. Season with salt and pepper.
  5. Push the cooked scrapple to one side of the skillet and pour the beaten eggs into the other side.
  6. Cook the eggs, scrambling them occasionally, until they are cooked to your desired doneness.
  7. Serve the scrapple and eggs hot, seasoned with salt and pepper.
  8. Optional: Drizzle hot sauce or maple syrup over the scrapple and eggs for an extra burst of flavor.

Expert Tips for the Perfect RAPA Hot n Spicy Scrapple

  1. For an even spicier kick, add a pinch of cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes to the beaten eggs before cooking.
  2. To achieve a perfectly crispy texture, make sure the skillet is preheated before adding the scrapple slices.
  3. Experiment with different toppings and accompaniments, such as sliced avocado, diced tomatoes, or grated cheese, to personalize your scrapple breakfast.

Experience a breakfast like no other with RAPA Spicy Scrapple. Its tantalizing blend of flavors, expert craftsmanship, and commitment to quality make it a breakfast delight that is hard to resist. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite breakfast staples, RAPA Hot Scrapple is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. So, why wait? Treat yourself to a sizzling and flavorful breakfast experience with RAPA Hot n Spicy Scrapple today!



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